Magic in Long Distance Relationships?

Yes, I said magic  in  long distance  relationships.  Although magic  is  possible  in every  relationship,  long distance  ones have  their  own kind  of magic. Credit should be  given to those  relationships  where  an everyday  physical connection  is  not  possible.  The  slowly  becoming  mainstream  scenario where  strangers meet  through the  webcam, online  sites, social  media, apps, etc., is  still  a  very doubtful  way  to finding  a meaning  to the  four letter word that  is  awaited  by  many  and scary  for many  as  well.

How can it  not?  You may  think  to yourself that  being  devoted  to a  sole  person that lives  hundreds  or thousands  of miles  away  from  you, whose  country,  language,  and customs  might  be  completely  different  than yours, is  “insane”! I get  it, it  is  pretty  hard. If in  a  long distance  relationship,  talking through the  phone, seeing  each other through pictures  and/or  video calls, and for those  who are  lucky  to  have  had the  privilege  of meeting  each  other in person at  least  once  for a  couple  of days, can  all  be  quite  hard for the  soul  when what  you’d  really  like  is  to enjoy  your  significant  other  and feel  their  touch, have  them  by  your  side, talk  to them  face  to face,  no intermediaries, just  you  two. Not only  that,  but  basing a  relationship  on different  time  zones, a  strong internet  connection and  devices, may  be  why  some  people  still  see  long distance  relationships  as  a  waste  of time.  Truth  is, long distance  relationships  have  a  certain  magic  to it  that  only  those  who go through  it  are  fortunate  to explore  and experience.

For myself,  stopping to think  how  this  all  happened,  in our situation, has  felt  like a  roller coaster, with  not  many  downs  as  I keep counting, solely  for the  WiFi  connection that  sometimes  is  dooming. Recalling,  how  it  all  started  the  night  after  summer  break of 2015 began,  as  it  was  one  of those  days  where  passed 2 am  there  is  no one  to talk to  or to distract  you, the  only  option that  seems  like  a  legit  escape  is  the  internet. In this  case  an online  site  to meet  strangers  around  the  world.  The  skipping, connecting and disconnecting  with people  and bots, the  clicking itself starts  making the  option  a complete  failure.  Then  something  happened, without  realizing,  on the  other  side  of the world, a  stranger, whose  location is  accurately  7,960 miles  from  my location, (San Diego to  Melbourne) and I started a  pleasant  conversation.  From  that  day  on, the  stranger, Grant, became  a  part  of my everyday  life.

For the  first  couple  of weeks, he  and I sent  messages  constantly  throughout  the day.  We  were  only  getting to  know  each  other  as  friends, since  we  both had  our romantic lives  occupied  at  the  time.  After weeks  of getting to know  each  other,  we  both realized this  “friendship”  had turned  into a  crush on crush situation.  We  eventually  came  clean with  each other, not  before  we  both left  behind  the  feelings  we  had for other  people.  Even after knowing how  we  felt  about  the  other,  we  never  attempted or contemplated the possibility  of a  relationship since  we  both  knew  it  would be  pretty  difficult  to hold  one.

To be  honest,  distance  and our everyday  lives  did  not  stop us.  We  kept  being constant, became  more  attached,  felt  harder for the  other, shared  our stories, became  best friends  and opened our hearts  to each  other.  Yet,  the  doubt  of whether or not  we  should start  a  relationship  kept  growing and growing.   After spending my whole  summer/his winter  together sharing tons  of pictures, snapchats,  thousands  of ongoing  messages, a couple  of phone  calls  and a  skype  video call, which  was  actually  our first  date, more specifically  three  months  and  a  half  of knowing  each other, we  decided to give  a  try  to something we  both felt  deserved  an opportunity.

Without  sugar-coating anything, there  really  is  magic  to  a  long distance relationship.  The  magic  happens  when, even  though this  person has  not  been physically  in front  of you,  you  can feel  warmness  in their voice, that  sense  you  get  from  only  a couple  of people. It makes  you  feel  safe.  That  safeness  I’m  talking about  is  the  one  that gives  you  the  confidence  to  open up to this  person. If both individuals  are  honest  and feel comfortable  around each other,  chances  are  both will  get  to know  each other  better than those  around you,  who might  think they  do. Having a  connection  that  is  not  difficult  to hold,  that  feels  good and easy,  makes  you  feel  free  to  be  yourself.

As  mentioned before,  of course  there  is  a  grand struggle  everyone  goes  through  in a  long distance  relationship. For us, it  is  not  only  when there  is  a  special  occasion  like  a holiday,  monthiversary,  or celebration,  but  with the  little  things  that  go through our everyday  lives  as  well.  This  occasionally  happens  when we  may,  individually,  be  going through  a  rough patch,  it  is  hurtful  and frustrating to  not  be  physically  there  for the  other, because  every  once  in a  while  everyone  could use  a  hug or kiss, and  almost  everyone would want  to have  that  special  someone  near them  to  celebrate  individual  highlights  and accomplishments. Relying on how  strong the  internet  connection is, how  much  charge  a cell  phone,  laptop,  or tablet  could  have  sounds  like  a  voluntary  enslavement  to  a  device. Not  forgetting that  making an effort  to stay  connected  to your significant  other regardless of time  zone  difference, in  your  eyes,  may  add  to the  weight  of living.

In reality,  getting into  a  long distance  relationship is  a  serious  commitment. The  efforts  to maintain the  relationship can  be  stressful, but  if  done  by  both with positiveness, effort, and hopefulness  that  the  relationship  is  worth  it, the  reward of having this  person in your  life  makes  the  journey  bearable  and most  importantly  worth every moment  and energy  that  is  invested  in it.  In our relationship, Grant  and I, have  both  shed tears  of sadness  and  happiness. Sadness  of feeling so close  to an incredible  human  being, and  sharing  so many  things  in  common  although  our customs,  nationality,  and language is  different  and  yet  having  the  whole  Pacific  Ocean between  us. Of course, not  everything is  sad, since  the  tears  of happiness  that  have  been  shed are  of feeling fortunate  and grateful  to  have  met  each  other  and sharing unforgettable  moments  together.

People  say  long distance  relationships  are  not  for everyone,  I disagree.  I believe that  when you  have  strong feelings  towards  an  individual, share  a  strong connection, are self-conscious, honest, and determined  to take  the  chance,  regardless  of time  difference, country  and/or language  the  possibility  of experiencing  that  magic  is  within  the  reach  of everyone.






  1. Long distance relationships can certainly be challenging, but also very rewarding at the same time. The sentiments you share certainly summarize the benefits and struggles with long distance!

    I’d love to get your thoughts on my blog ( I’m always looking for feedback on how to improve viewership, so if you have advise, please let me know!

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  2. Wow! I relate to it ans was nodding my head.

    “People say long distance relationships are not for everyone, I disagree. I believe that when you have strong feelings towards an individual, share a strong connection, are self-conscious, honest, and determined to take the chance, regardless of time difference, country and/or language the possibility of experiencing that magic is within the reach of everyone.”

    This is very true..:) Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing this wonderful post with me!

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  3. Without sugar covering anything!!!….
    amazing read.. Really Pleasant and relaxing moment to get my thoughts to calm after my day..
    Enjoyable and pleasant read!

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  4. Long distance has it’s pro and con. The biggest pro is that you don’t have to bear the pressure to appear in particular manner and it takes good time to know each other.

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  5. I totally agree with you! Long distance relationships take the “frightening sexual” part of a relationship out of the equation. There is more to a relationship than that! The long haul relationships require a deeper connection then a good bout in the sack! I love the writing and I love your thoughts. They are real and honest! I look forward to reading more!

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    • 😂 I loved this comment on them. I definitely agree with you, I mean, yes there is a lack of physical connection, but I feel you get to know the person so much more and learn more little things about them with not just talking but doing other activities with each other. Thank you! 💛


  6. A beautiful story told from the heart. Long distance relationships can be trying but if you are lucky enough to find the right person then it is definitely worth perusing. Sounds like you have found a good soul. Good luck with your relationship.
    From a mum in Melbourne with a son called Grant.

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  7. My Happy ever after (following nearly 2 years of 4750KM away) happens in 8 days. We are getting married and yet another 71 days later…I finally get to move across the country for the love of my life. There is magic. We made it! I have written the story of how we cam together on my blog under the category Sole Searching…. you may wish to check it out.

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    • Wow, that’s amazing! Indeed that is magic! So happy for you to be able to (really really soon) finally close the distance and your upcoming wedding!!! My best wishes! 😄
      Sure, I’ll definitely have a look at it 😊


  8. Wow. This one’s really great. You see, my older sister is currently in a long distance relationship and I clearly see the magic you’re talking about. In my case, I get to see that magic in her smile whenever they skype call for hours despite the time difference until they fall asleep while the call is still on. ❤

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    • Thank you and thank you for sharing!
      I think your comment is beautiful because you’ve actually witnessed that magic and happiness regardless of the time and space in between.
      My best wishes for you, her, and her relationship!! 😄😄


  9. I think the key to a successful long-distance relationship is faith that the distance is temporary. I am currently involved in a long-distance relationship with the woman who I truly believe is my soulmate and I know that the distance will not be forever it is just an obstacle that we have to deal with right now in the hopes of a better future. If you’d to read more about my relationship please check out my blog

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  10. Great post! I am new to blogging. I have started a blog about me and my husband’s current immigration struggles which has caused us to be separated during visa processing ( I am Canadian and he is British). I would love to have a following and some support from fellow bloggers. All guidance and help is appreciated as we work towards shedding light on our difficult story as newlyweds! Thank you !!


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