Three Hundred and Sixty-“Five”

Hundreds  of hours, smiles,  laughs, sentences  and handful  of stories  are  the  ones  we  now  share with  each other. Since  then,  I’ve  learned exactly  the  distance  between  Australia  and the  U.S., around 8,000 miles  (depending on what  part  of the  country  you  stand on).  That  Australians  are  not  used  to eating tamarind,  that  some  are  not  even chilli  tolerant,  and some  Mexicans  may  have  a  hard time  with Vegemite, although lolly  snakes  are  good.


Tears  of sadness  and  happiness  have  been  shed  throughout  these  days,  more  when either of us  is reminded that  even  though our strong connection  is  there  and  feels  reachable,  distance  will  always  try to  fool  us. Being reminded of those  things  that  we  can’t  do, the  physical  ones, is  upsetting. Knowing that  we  can’t  actually  “go out”  on a  Sunday,  go to the  movies, stuff our faces  and  enjoy  the same food, hug, feel  each  other’s  whole  self, hold  each other’s  hand, or kiss  along  with the  many  more  things  we  could do if  we  were  in the  same  space,  is  indeed upsetting. Instead,  we’ve  recreated those  activities  by scheduling calls  and video  calls,  putting  technology  for a  maximum  use,  look for movies  we  can  both watch  and enjoy,  get  the  best  out  of our “staying up late  hour-capacity”  on the  weekends, ordering pizza  together  or simply  just  showing each  other  what  it  is  that  we’re  eating, as  well  as  coming  out  with activities  that  bring  us  together,  make  us  smile, laugh,  and why  not, challenge  us  (I still  hold  a  winning streak).

Little  did either of us  know  that  a  random  individual  could come  in  and not  want  to  leave.  That is  what  we  were  for each other, “a  random  individual”. Fortunately  we  went  from  random  individuals to  oh so much  more.  We’ve  gotten  to know  each  other well,  so well, that  we  even mix and match  facial expressions  and slang,  have  shared holidays,  seasons, thoughts, goals, feelings, dreams, videos, music, handwritten letters, stuffed animals,  food, some  of our customs, bad and  brilliant  inside  jokes, and  even items  of clothing.

Although this  sounds  like  a  heartfelt letter, this  is  everything  but  a  letter. Days  have  passed, three  hundred and  sixty-six  to be  exact, there’s  a  handful  of things  that  I never  imagined would or could  experience.  I have come to realize  that  even though  the  Pacific  Ocean  is powerful  and immense, it  can’t  stop two souls  from  finding  each  other.

How incredible  would it  be  if we  could  have  a  glimpse  at  the  future?  Unfortunately  we  can’t. Neither of us  knows  what  future  has  in store  for us, both as  a  couple  and  as  individuals.  Yet,  one  thing that is  certain  is  that  these  three  hundred and sixty-six  days  have  been  amazing.  Since then, we, each have slowly grown together.  There  are  hopes  and  optimistic  thoughts  that  cry  heavily  inside  me for the  awaited  day  when we  can  finally  hold and  feel  each other. Until  then  I will  continue cherishing each  day  that  passes  since  each  represents  a  day  less  for that  awaited  day  to happen.




  1. Im lovin your blog lik really…
    I’m going one post after another thanks for chancing on my blog n giving me chance to look at the other side of online love. I just had a blind feeling that its insecure n stuff but now i understood!!

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    • Thank you so much, I really appreciate your words 😊
      Glad I could help, I was not exactly for online dating a while ago either. To be honest: it’s true, there are certain things about it that can make it insecure and there can be a lot od dishonesty, but online dating has it’s pros as well. 😃

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  2. Lovely, poignant, happy, heartfelt.
    I can feel your frustration as well as your joy.
    I too am in a semi-long distance relationship and so I found this especially touching. The way you described the availability of emotional intimacy yet the ability of distance to “fool you” was spot on, and well-phrased. I truly don’t think I have any constructive criticism other than maybe cleaning up a few technical errors, and breaking up your paragraphs a little bit more (blocks of text allow.the reader to skim, no matter how excellent your work is.)
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Yours was a pleasant discovery and I will definitely be following. Best of luck and stay nutty ✌

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  3. Hello Maria Fernanda, I’ve been to your little space on the web, so happy that I found your blog on the community pool!!!amazing write-up!
    What a beautiful relationship you have, good luck with it 🙂
    Please do visit my blog when time permits Thanks in advance and see you there!

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  4. Beautiful story. Listen to your heart and it will guide you. If it is meant to be love will bring you together. It’s up to the two of you to make it happen. Good luck

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