Don’t Panic


The room, this chill in my skin, something is not okay. Why are my legs starting to feeling pressure? I’m sure nobody is awake, I heard no footsteps and my door is closed. Am I sure I’m awake? Maybe this is simply a dream.

Why does it feel so real and why is the pressure going up every time, though? Am I…yes, I’m laying down, no one is with me in the room, I’m supposed to be alone. The pressure doesn’t feel like someone’s hands, someone climbing on me, someone reaching their way up. It’s heavy pressure, jut pressure, no specific form. Don’t panic, please don’t panic, I find telling this to myself.

Where is that smell coming from? Is that a…yes, that’s perfume, what is going on? Don’t panic. What if somebody got into the house? I can’t let them know I’m aware of what’s going on, what if they try to harm me? Please don’t panic, maybe this entity will leave me alone.

Get off, leave me alone!

What do I do? Do I scream the loudest I can, hoping that someone wakes up and helps me get this away from me, this pressure? Do I stand still? Please, please, please think, do it fast!

That perfume, that scent, it is not a woman’s scent… that’s a man’s perfume. Who is this man? How the fuck did he get into the house? The doors are usually locked passed 10 p.m. Please think fast, please do something.

Those chills, my skin, I feel it. I feel my heart pumping through my veins. Act fast! The pressure is climbing up every single time, my chest, my neck, please don’t choke me, don’t harm me, please don’t kill me.

Please don’t let him do so. Do something, move fast, through your weight against him, cry loud for your sake, kick him, yes! Kick him in the crotch, that will give you time to storm out of the room and scream for aid, but do so now! Stop thinking and do it!

Why, why can’t I move my legs, my feet, my toes? What is going on? What is this?! I’m doomed.

Scream! Just do it!

“Aah… aahg…aghh.”

What is wrong with my voice? Why can’t I scream for help, please someone help me, send someone, please I beg you, don’t let this man, this entity, hurt me.

Leave me alone! You have no right to harm me, you can’t harm me, leave me, you won’t get anything out of me, they won’t allow it. Let me breathe! Leave me alone! Let me move! Leave me, leave me now, they won’t allow you to hurt me!

Push him, push him off!

I feel I’m doing so, my legs, I can start to feel my legs!

Fight him, don’t let him choke you, take his hands off the sides of your neck.

My finger! My index finger… it’s responding!

Keep moving, keep focusing on getting yourself out of his wraths, move your legs, push them, move them side to side, try to raise your right hand, your legs, raise them fight him. He can’t win, they won’t let him harm you, he is not welcome and they won’t let him harm you.

My fingers, slowly I can feel them move, I am regaining their control. My legs, please don’t fail me legs, not right now. My hand, I feel my whole right hand.

Move, move, move now, pull his hands off now!

I open my eyes, quickly try to look around and scan among the darkness of the room, as I sit up inhaling and exhaling a couple of times. No noises, no footsteps can be heard, not even the midnight train.

Has it all been a dream? It certainly didn’t feel like a dream: the room, the chills in my skin, my heart pounding fast, the perfume, the pressure. It must’ve been a really bad dream, just convince yourself that it was simply a nightmare.

Just think of it as it, don’t panic, and try to go back to sleep.




  1. Dreams like these are very common for me. Instead of sitting and doing nothing, you forced yourself to fight the “presence”. This shows that you have a strong will. I was wondering if this your dream or if it is a story. Anyways i really like this post

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  2. Yeah we have such dreams, and those are actually meaningless which comes during the time 3 to 4, due to the thoughts which might have remained because we have watched horror movie last night and that same weird scene happens with us in the dream! Thats naturally. I like this post

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  3. Yikes! I’ve never had a dream so unsettling. I actually read your story over twice, as I wanted to reassure myself it was indeed just a dream. I wonder what you were unconsciously thinking about that may have caused such horror? I also wonder if there’s a message here, or just a nightmare to be shook off? When I dream something that shakes me to the core, I instantly wake up, verify it’s bunk and demand of myself nothing more like it in future. How about you?

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    • Thank you for reading it!☺
      I honestly have no idea, a nightmare like such is something that I have experienced in the past. I’ve also read articles on the internet about it so thought people could relate with the background of the story since it seems to be common for people to experience. Luckily I also think of it as a dream and try my hardest to wake up as soon as possible.

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  4. Very well written. You should use this as a writing prompt and expand on it! This could turn into something deeper, and gripping! Dreams are usually where I get most of my ideas!

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