Wild World

Let’s  step out  into the  surface  of this  world,  please,  I beg  you,  join me.  Together,  we’ll  learn  a new  meaning of the  word free. Please,  let’s  forget  about  all  the  social  injustices, suffering, and  cruel reality  that  reigns  in this  world, at  least  for a  little  while.

My mistake,  cruelty  does  not  reign  in this  world. Yet,  this  is  what  we  may  find ourselves believing  at  times.  Why  is  it  that  we  are  always  shown what  is  wrong instead  of what  is  right  in this world?  There  are  many  more  rights  than  lefts  in  it, of that  I’m  sure!

Don’t  get  me  wrong, light  should be  brought  upon the  injustices  that  happen  everyday,  but sometimes  we  need  to see  the  beautiful  parts  of it  in  order to gain  hope  and faith that  it  might  get  better if  we  make  it  better.

Hold  my  hand, don’t  think  too much  about  leaving  you  life  behind, this  is  not  that.  This  is simply  a  journey  to show  you  that  not  everything  is  bad, not  everything  is  sad, and not  everything is  out of hand.

Look at  me, look  at  my face, it  holds  the  same  hope  as  yours. Don’t  fear  me,  I’m  not  an enemy,  I want  the  same  alleviation, relieve  some  of the  pain  that  we’ve  both seen and have  been through.  I want us  to step  out, to look  further more  than what  our eyes  can see. See  into the  kindness  that  each individual  holds  within  them. I know  that  it  sometimes  may  be  difficult  to spot, but  I promise  you:  it  is the  purest  beauty  this  world holds.

See  the  smiles  of others?  Let  me  paint  one  of those  in your  face.  Always  have  in  mind that  for every  “ugly”  there’s  four times  the  beauty  in the  world. Hopefully  that  helps, if not, think of the  good unconditional  deeds  people  do everyday.  Yes, in  this  world there  is  kindness, there  is  honest  smiles  and laughter,  and most  importantly,  various  kinds  of love.

Think of this  today  or when your day  has  been  tough, news  not  always  portray  the  two faces  of the  coin. Yet,  in your heart  know  the  good is  more, will  always  be  more.  And good will  always  prevail  if we, each,  make  it  prevail.

Smile  and escape  with me  to the  surface  of this  wild  world.



  1. That was really beautifully written and important message. I’m guilty of always focusing on the ugly side of life and the world and forget about the fact that there is some good too in it. Thank you for reminding us 🙂

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    • Thank you for visiting amd for your feedback! 😊
      At times I find myself doing that as well, which is weird, because I am an optimistic person overally. But yes, it’s good to stop and think that there is some good in it as well 😃

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