Friend of Soul

Thank you  friend  of soul, for not  being  just  a  number,  or one  of the  many  who came, did as  they pleased, and left  me  to clean all  their jumble. For sharing a  slice  of your anomalous  heart, if it  is  not  yet explicitly  stated, I’ve  given  you  a  slice  of this  candid  heart  as  well.

Oh dear, blood related  or not, you  have  become  a  part  of me, kind  of like  a  family.  Oh love, when I recall  who was  or were  there  when this  heart  was  broken into tiny  crystals  and tears  rolled down these  cheeks  all  the  way  down to  the  chin,  that  face  is  the  first  one  that  comes  to mind.  When misfortunes  seemed  to roam  around me, knowing I had  your  back to rely  on  gave  me  the  bits  of strength  that  I needed.  Of course, never  forgetting  those  words  of support  with maybe  a  sarcastic  joke to  strip a  smile  and a  giggle  out  during maybe  not  the  best  times.

Count  the  memories  we’ve  created,  I dare  you  to  name  each… it  is  almost  impossible  since there  are  quite  many.  Friend  of heart, friend of soul, never  forget  each  laugh, tear, hug, lyric, joke, and food we’ve  shared. Remember  each of them  with  love, my love.

Be  my  pessimistic-realistic  half,  help these  feet  stay  on the  ground, yet, do please  allow  these dreams,  thoughts, and hopes  fly  away  every  once  in a  while.  When optimism  makes  me  stumble,  pick me  up.  When I make  a  huge  mistake  due  to the  impulses  this  heart  runs  by,  please  help  me  and  put  me in  my  place.  When pessimism  makes  you  stumble  I’ll  pick you  up.  When  you  make  a  huge  mistake  due to  your  cold and “well”  thought  mind,  I’ll  always  help  you  and put  you  in  your  place.  Remember, this  is a  two-way  street!

Stay  for long, don’t  leave  my side, we’re  not  glued,  our paths  may  take  different  routes,  but  let’s always  promise  to meet  half-way.  Dearest  curls, let  me  hear  for years  and years  to  come,  those  unique and  “lovely”  labels  each  curl  babbles.

Words  can’t  seem  to ever  do justice  enough to  this. Let  us  keep writing our story as the years advance, always together.  Let’s  outgrow  the  mistakes  of our past,  the  heart breaks, the  midnight  thoughts  that  keep  us  up at  night,  and the  doubts. Let  each of us  blossom  into our final, most  beautiful  and strongest stage.

We’ve  got  pages  and pages  of memories  and pictures  still  left  to fill  up this  book. Stay,  keep me in  your  heart, be  my  partner  in crime, I’ll  do the  same,  my  love.




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