Gloomy Sunday

Please, stay. Is there something I can do to make you stay? She begged him for more time, infinite time, by his side even though she knew this day haunted them since day one. It had to come.

Sadly, their journey [physically] together would have to be paused. Ironically this journey would have to be paused where it began, at the airport.

I wish I could, you know I wish I could. I want that with all my heart, not as much as I want you, but at the moment it’s impossible. He said this as his eyes were starting to water.

He could see her eyes being crystallized as some of the tears were making their way down her cheeks. He wondered how he could provoke such impact on a beautiful and wonderful person.

He hated to leave her heartbroken, it left him more heartbroken to know he would not be able to hug her, smell her hair, pinch her cheeks, kiss her, and experience the little things that make this the most real thing he had ever had, for a while.

Although her sobbing and tears were an eminent sign her heart was crying as well, she managed to always smile at him.
How am I going to get myself back home if you are my home now? Tell me that, please.

She wasn’t scared that he would forget every moment they shared together, their trips down the city, their first real date and kiss, their weird dances, secrets they now shared, their times cooking together and for each other, the tender hugs, their walks down the sultry streets, and the hundred of pictures and videos together they now held in their phones’ camera rolls. None of that. She knew she could lay her trust on him, she simply did not want him to leave, a part of her heart was minutes away from saying goodbye and she despised that.

I’ll come back, okay? We’ll be together again soon. I promise, okay? He tried to keep it together as he slowly ran his hand down her cheek, that ended in their last hug, at least for some time.

As both wished this moment would would last years, they knew it would eventually come to an end really soon.
Okay. She hugged him with all her will, she wanted him to feel all the sweet chaos that went, and he caused, in her heart.

He, on the other hand, wanted to be strong, although this was really hard for him to bear. When he stepped down that plane 21 days ago, he was nervous, excited, hopeful, and most importantly in love, he thought.

Yet, after 21 days, ironically seconds away from boarding that plane he was not nervous he was full of bliss, he was somewhat torn, yet, still hopeful for the future, and most importantly not simply in love but now had the deepest affection towards her, something that could not be explained with one word.

That last hug ended in a kiss that was even softer than their first. And that kiss ended with him reaching to her left ear and whispering something that only she understands.

She watched part of her heart make his way to that plane. The river of tears and was ongoing, the memories of their time together would keep her accompanied until their next meet up. That right there, the memories, gave her hope and made her smile bright and transparent. It was not the end, and she was well aware of it.



  1. Amazing. I absolutely loved it Fernanda. You are so talented. You captured me, i want to know more! I would like to nominate you for the blogger recognition award! Although you have probably recieved so many already 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Congratulations! πŸ˜„πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
      And thank you for nominating me for this!
      I enjoyed reading your answers, and I think your blog does, may, hint that you love the Harry Potter series 😁☺


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