The Struggle

No one ever said being in a long distance relationship was going to be easy. Truth is, no relationship is easy, period.

You’re opening your mind, heart, and everything you’ve got to someone. You do this to interact with an individual that may have been raised completely different than you, if thinking about geographical locations. This, of course may include different customs and beliefs. And oh boy, do they may come into play! Not only that, but what about when different point of views and interpretations of the “rules” clash?

It is hard.

If in a relationship where proximity and different time zones is not an issue, there may be moments of frustration, long distance and time zones can sure add weight to this feeling. There are moments of confusion here and there, pointless arguments that although “inoffensive” they can quickly escalate if neither measures the weight of their words. But like I said, this is almost guaranteed to happen in every relationship from time to time. Of course there’s no hate in the words, simply competitiveness to see who’s better out of both of you. Who doesn’t like a little bit of power and a victory once in a while?

What happens when one falls, and you are not present to pick it up? In some way it gives that sense of being cheated. It’s a weird feeling since you can only see and be a guide but cannot pick it up for yourself.

Sure, there is a thrill that may be added to hearing and seeing your significant other and seeing their actions. It’s fun and special, I admit. But how do you feel when one of them is demolished by thin air? Words. Use your words, advise him/her the best in hopes that it will soon be standing up. Keep going from where you left off and maybe, just maybe, if you are lucky: he/she will try his/her best to not stumble and throw your Uno cards face up again.

Happy 10 Months, Grant ❀



  1. Wow 10 months 😍😍😍
    Yeh it’s really hard. There are ups and downs in life and sometimes we just wish we can be able to give the other a real hug 😞 But keep trying anyway on your journey to happiness 😊

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    • Yep 10 months today! 😁☺
      Yes, I mean in every relationship there are ups and down but that is a con of ldr. Yet, I’m still happy and find it so worth it because I have him. Same to you and your significant other! 😊
      Thank you for visiting and reading! πŸ˜€

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  2. You are brave. I’m not in a LDR officially, but my boyfriend is in USA now and I live in Moldova. He will be there till october and it feels so hard to keep the relationship alive. The difference of time is of 8 hours and we barely talk. That’s just so hard, especially because both of us are very nervous about everything that happens now. But I think these kind of periods are very important for relationships, because they show if people really love each other or it’s just a game. If we make up till October, then I’ll know he’s my man.
    Wish you both good luck, patience and keep being as you’ve said in your post, because these things are true and they mean a lot in a LDR. :*

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    • Thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it πŸ™‚
      Only 3 months to go, that’s great for you guys to reunite once again soon.
      It is hard, but I’d say to not be nervous about the distance and what would happen with the relationship, distance can be an ally as well. It can help you boost in communication and trust, and yes, patience means a lot in an ldr.
      Thank you, wish you the same luck! πŸ’›

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      • Yep, you are right. But sometimes people can’t control their feelings and this is the result. Still, those that pass through LDR definitely love each other more, because they know how is it to miss someone so, so much. So, I hope someday, you, guys, will be together 24/24 :))

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        • Yeah, I understand what you mean. And couldn’t agree with you more. I think ldr couples value a lot more the time they get to spend with their partner because they know how it feels not to have them for long periods of time. Thank you so much 😁☺ wish you the same! πŸ˜€

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  3. I know the pain Fernanda like I know it. It is pretty hard to live in such relationships but if one really loves his/her partner no one can stop them.
    Congratulations to both of you ! xoxo

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  4. A relationship needs time, commitment, loyalty and trust. And love, of course. The point is a healthy and strong bond is the result of consistent and genuine efforts. If the efforts are from both ends, no hurdle can ever make the relationship weak.
    Congratulations on 10 months!

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  5. Hi Fernanda! I have nominated you for the MakeItUltraβ„’ Blogger Award for quality content, originality and presentation. If you choose to accept please visit for details. If you choose to decline, please take it as a compliment that I have recognized you for your quality work.

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  6. Your beautiful eyes so clear,It looked like a little teddybear,So sweet and harmless,It would light up the darkness,Look in her unique eyes And you’ll see she’s very wise.. these were the line that strike my mind although I have just seen one pic of yours and when i saw your post the way u have pen down them is simply amzing i mean each and everything by u is so beautifully described … trust me the way u play with the words is simply amazing I mean so magical they are

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