Dear …


I write to you this handwritten letter, those you know I deeply hate writing, in regards of what there once was. If I was lucky to get you to open and start reading this, please just give me the chance of explaining myself before you rip this into pieces or burn it.:


I mean with all my heart to tell you I am deeply sorry for the pain I may have caused you. I could give you a million excuses of why I left even after all the promises we once made to each other. But you deserve from me pure honesty. 

You are a great man, the best I have come across. You have taught me so much since day one. You are kind, humble, sensitive and all the positive adjectives you can think of. All of that sounds great, but they are not enough for me. To me, you’re simply the worst love I have ever met. It sounds horrible, but let me explain.

You’re so right in a million ways, simply the perfect man. But I can’t let you keep feeding a relationship that will lead nowhere. We got stuck in the same place long ago, and never seemed to advance. We got so comfortable and we forgot about what really brought us together. We’ve become acquaintances and nothing more, it’s more a children’s playdate than a relationship. You are still deeply in love with who I was three years ago, I changed, and you never seemed to notice. You keep loving her but failed to fall in love with me.

This could be my greatest mistake, and I may end up regretting it, but I have to keep moving on, you have to keep moving on. I feel that is the best thing for both of us. I’m sure, 100% sure, you will find someone who can love even the smallest things about you, those that I may have never truly appreciated even after all the years. 

One last thing: never doubt I loved you, because I did. That is why I ask you to not be kind to me anymore, it’s not fair to you or me. Move on, please, move on from those years we spent together. Try to overcome the moments we shared, fill those spaces with new memories. Don’t smile at me, forget me, and be happy with someone else. For that will help me move on as well.

Thank you,




  1. This is quality writing Fernanda. Writings from the heart are so beautiful and rare! I got goosebumps because I believe we can all relate to moments similar to this – having to leave someone you love for the better is tough. Thanks for sharing!

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    • That’s a really sweet comment, thank you, I’m really flattered! Well, what I do is try to put myself in the position of whomever I’m basing a story of, or talking about past experiences, but I think you do that really well!!

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  2. Such a great post and blog too…..just loved it. When people goes away it hurts, it hurts the most. But I think it isn’t fair to let their memories swipe away. Infact even if u want to, somewhere deep down inside their memories are craved inside us which is impossible to forget.

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  3. Steps 1 through five for me: clap to myself and gasp at how beautiful, heartfelt, amazing, true, and wonderful this was… step two, take action and emerge from praising thoughts, step three, follow your site, step four, thank you for posting this, and lastly, step five, drop in daily to inhale your beautiful words! Great job! I loved reading this, and it made my day. I searched “I loved you” and found this. I am going through a similar situation, and I feel your pain. Keep writing! You made my day. 💗💗💗💗

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    • Thank you so much for reading this, really happy to read that comment and to know that you stumbled upon this post. When writing this I tried putting myself in the position of the character and it felt like an agony because I would hate to be in that position. Thank you once again for that lovely comment. 🙂


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