Little Companion

My little  friend,  you’re there  by  my  side  when  times  are  complicated, or just  when  there’s  no will to leave  the  bed and start the day.  You’ve  grown in me, little  fella.  You have brought pure  joy! Maybe  that  is the only reason why  you  were made and gifted to me,  so:  task accomplished, Aussie.  Thank  you  for listening to  all  my jabber,  goals, hopes, and dreams, although those ears don’t work as well. You know what I mean, and I’m sure you’re glad of this.

You cannot  speak, but  you  somehow  give  me  comfort.  You cannot  feel, but  I hug and hold on tight to you  every  night.  You cannot  smile,  but  I smile  for you  every  time  just  by  looking  at  you.  For now, you’re  the  only  one  I go to bed with  every  night  and the  only  one  that  wakes  up beside  me  every morning.

We have  not  been  friends  for long, but  you’ve  become  a  dear companion.  If you  could talk, I’d let  you call  me  “naive”  for thinking  we’ll  be  friends  for long,  but  I strongly  believe  this  could  be  potentially  true. If you  behave and endure,  you  could even  be  passed  down and continue being  a  “little  companion”.

If you  could listen and  understand, I’d tell  you  “hold on tight because  the  ride  will  be  long”, at  least, that is  what  I foresee.

I’ll  be  kind  to you,  always.



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