Guest Post: Grant’s LDR Adventure

*Hello everyone, this is the first “guest post” on my blog and couldn’t be more thrilled to do so. Anyways, I think it is enough from me for right now, I’ll simply let him shine:

​Who am I? You may ask. I am the other half, the one that is mentioned in some of the posts in this blog. Yes, that’s me.

Fernanda asked me a couple of months ago if I could write a guest piece for her blog about my standpoint in this ldr. First, I was shy but I finally decided to do my best. Writing doesn’t come very naturally to me, especially creative writing, which is why I have decided to tell you a few of the memories we have shared during our wonderful adventure.

I have told Fernanda many times this day was one of my favourites. She probably has guessed by now,  Halloween of 2015. Us Australians don’t really celebrate it here, although it has slowly caught on, I personally don’t do anything special for it. Last year was different, a couple days earlier I was on a phone call with her and I found out that everyone in her family had plans but her, I could tell that this really upset her. We came up with an idea to do at Halloween night, which included candy / lollies, pizza, and watching a scary movie. I know this doesn’t sound like a special night, but for us it was. I’m not a big fan of scary movies, and it was pretty hard to find a movie we both could watch. We eventually decided on Halloween: Resurrection which was a good introduction to scary movies for me. That night, as simple as it was, was one of my favourite nights that I’ve spent with her.

These 11 months together have made me a better person and somehow even made me happier. Ok not somehow, I know exactly how. She can make me smile without saying a word, receiving a goofy snap or a random picture during the day makes me feel amazing. She is always there for me when I need her and her support for me to do anything is always so encouraging. Fernanda knows when to push me, which at first I thought was annoying, but now I know it was just her trying to make the best version of me. I think without her around last year, I would have been stuck in the same pattern I was in, I feel that I’ve changed not a huge amount, but I’ve changed for the better.

For me the last 11 months haven’t been perfect at all, I’ve been going through the struggles that every other person goes through when being in a long distance relationship. Struggles such as the lack of physical contact and not being able to be by Fernanda’s side through the good and the bad times, have been the issues I find the hardest to deal with.

By being in this relationship I have learnt many different things about myself. These are about how my feelings could be so strong towards someone who is so far away, and about how precious time is. I have also learnt to prioritise and cherish the moments we spend together. It has been hard, I have been really lucky to find someone that I can trust and that I am connected with. Being in this long distance relationship has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Lastly, I just want to thank her for everything. She is so kind, sweet, caring and thoughtful. Yet, she is a little bit crazy and enjoys teasing me. I also want to thank her for the great memories we have shared and I can’t wait to create more in the future.
Happy 11 months Fernanda ❤!

– Grant

(That concludes the first ever guest post 😮☺ done here in simply.fernanda by no other than Grant 😃) We’d certainly love to hear your thoughts. And as always, a big: Thank You! 💕



  1. Congrats from deep core of my heart to beautiful sweet lovely Souls named Fernanda and Grant……………I am so so so very happy for both of you …….may Source bless you both with lots of love,happiness,smiles,light and may THEE hold your hands so that you both very easily,lovingly see each other together for life……….you both are too cool too sweet too lovely. Be blessed,take care of yourselves,keep smiling,keep moving.

    Distance doesn’t matter if you really love the person, what matters most is your honesty and trust and faith and communication.
    In a long distance relationship your love is tested & doubted every day, but you both I can say prove to each other that it’s worth it. That is what makes both of yours relationship so special.

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  2. Omg isn’t this the sweetest thing ever !! Truly warmed my heart. So so cute !😍

    I wish you both all the love and happiness in life. Cheers to many more such months and years !🎉🙌🏻❤️

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  3. I’m sincerely, TRULY happy for you because I was in a LDR myself and hey, reading your stories reminded me of how I used to spend my nights skyping with my then, sweetheart, and it brings a smile to my face.

    Though things ended badly between us, I still believe it can work for other couples such as yourself. I’ll share something from my relationship of 6 years (4 officially) in total, which I hope, can help keep you two together.

    The most important thing, aside from communication, is your Self Issues. The insecurities.

    For my end, I had little to none. I was always secure with her going out with whoever as long as they are someone familiar. My ex on the other hand, had so much insecurity that it somehow affected our relationship. The worst part? She tried to resolve the issue as well but unfortunately, things still went to hell for us.

    There’s more to our story for sure but let’s just say that in my opinion, aside from communication, your insecurities and self-issues can sneak up and perform a ninja assassination to your relationship if you aren’t careful so just take note of that and talk about things if it’s really necessary.

    Boy is it me or does things sound rather serious now lol! Anyway, I’ve already moved on in life- In case you’re wondering, though I still do think about her from time to time, which is unavoidable I guess since she was the love of my life heh.

    Should you guys ever feel the need to talk to anyone, by all means, you’ve got a friend in me. A friend who truly wants you both to be together- Achieving your happily forever after. So feel free to contact me if you want at any time. My email is

    Don’t let my failed 4-6 years LDR scare you into thinking that you guys might fail too because let’s not forget the fact that THERE ARE relationships where couples of close proximity failing everyday lol!

    Keep the spirit up and don’t stop loving each other 😉

    Your pal,

    P.S. I’m testing a new forum for my community, if you (Or your readers) are interested to, feel free to check us out here–>


    • Thank you so much for your best wishes, Benjamin! I really appreciate that you took the time to read and share a bit about your stance on this. I’m really sorry to hear about how your relationship ended after many years.
      Yes, I know what you mean, there are a lot of components to make the long distance work, apart from communication. I do believe I still have to work on some of those self issues you mean, and have seen an improvement on myself throughout the months.
      Thank you again, Benjamin! I’ll definitely be checking it out. 😊

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    • Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment 🙂
      Yes yes yes! I agree with you, love can go to unimaginable places. Thank you for your best wishes. I believe that with effort and love, ldrs are capable of succeeding! I wish you and your significant other all the best 😀


  4. I wish you all the best. I am curently in a LDR where we are an ocean appart and its like that for 2 years now. It is hard but truly amazing. Nice to see that there is lots of couples trying the same, and doing it the best possible way. Keep your love alive 🙂 Distance dont matter if love is strong .

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    • Thank you so much! 😁
      I know how you feel! We have the whole Pacific ocean separating us. It really is beyond amazing to find someone, in the other side of the world, that can be extremely special. I can say the same to you, it feels good to know that there’s thousands of people that are going through the same thing and can understand the everyday struggle. I wish you both the very best and hope that you can soon be united with your loved one. 💜


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