She Was Not Part of the Baggage, Sir

They took the life of the girl in the cyan-colored dress, and let her body rot for days. They stripped her innocence away. When questioned why they had done it, the man responded with words that showed no sign of remorse. His voice did not break when admitting the heinous act. When she confessed, Β she did it without stuttering. Was his/her/their mind right?

They toyed with her body but she was no baggage. It is sad and ironic that she should’ve been the one playing with toys and dolls right now. Reality is another one. She was hidden by them in the luggage as if she had been a belonging, like a sweater or a pair of jeans. That is where and how she was found. Unfortunately, her life had been cut days short before being found.

The news, the police, and the public will never know the real story of why they both committed this crime against such a tender human being. Truth be told, if they really committed this act, their mind was nowhere near of being right.

(Based on an event that happened this week at the border crossing between San Diego, Ca. and Tijuana B.C., Mex.)



  1. It’s hard to push through the suffocating darkness that exists in our world – even though it was tough to read your words, I’m glad I did, perhaps the light that you have shone on this young life will push back some of that terrible darkness and she will not be forgotten…

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  2. I live in South Africa and we have those kinds of murders almost daily. (Well, the known ones.) As a mother it saddens me, because I always think of what those poor parents have to go through (if they were not the killers themselves).

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