To That Old Friend

Where  are  you  right  now?  It  certainly  seems  so far the  days  we  used  to be  the  best  buds. I know  we both  outgrew  each  other’s  ways, but  what  about  that  lucky  7 we  said would make  us  unconditional?  I remember all the  card games  in class, the  talks  in that  old car,  the  fun and  the  serious  times, the  laughs, my tears, and you  can’t  forget  when nous  étions  très  bon amis!

I know, I know. We  both grew  our separate  ways, I know. But, do you  remember when weeks or months  would pass  without  seeing each  other and  how  when we  finally  saw  each  other again it  felt  as  if we  had just talked the  day  before?

I know  you’ve  been working hard  towards  building  the  life  you  have always  wanted.  Correction, we’ve  both been  doing so. Even though  it  has  taken  me  a  bit  more  time  to find  my  place  and passion, I’m  getting there. I’ll  get  there!

You helped  and saved me  from  my  own emotions  many  times. You  know  the  length  of that  list  and  you know  what  I mean. It’s  been long since  the  last  time  we  actually  held  a  conversation  without  making  up excuses  to  cut  it  short.  You bet  I have plenty  of things  to update  you  on, although  basing on social media, you  may  be  caught  up in some  of these. Same  here! I am happy. Finally I get to experience that! After all of our therapeutic talks I found happiness and would love to tell you all about it.

I want  to state  something though, in  no way  I feel  envy  of the  future  you  are  forging. Believe me, it’s  the complete  opposite,  pal! I am  genuinely  happy  that  blessings  have  been coming  your  way.  I really  am and  always  will  be.  You are  close  to my heart  for those  years  we  were  so close. I’ll  always  thank and appreciate  the  golden years. I miss you. Even if there is rain outside, if we  ever  meet  again,  which I hope  we  do, I’ll  be  thrilled to  catch  up with you!



  1. old memories are so very beautiful yet at the same time tears of love and separation flow…….it is not sadness ,it is not grief in reality it is for the heart to say how much that person matters.


  2. I have a couple friends I would love to see, and I think I make the mistake of letting social media fill me in on what’s going on with them. I would love to catch up over drinks and tacos (you know I love tacos) but we’re all so busy it seems. I need to reach out to them soon. Your post are always very authentic!! Love your blog

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    • I’m in the same place as you, social media has become the only way I am able to keep up with them and it really is sad when I’d love catch up with them in person but somehow we never really do so. Thank you so much Chantale, I really appreciate your words!


  3. This hits close to home! My old best friend and I were besties for 11 years. However, life gets in the way and people drift a part. I really think it’s hard to deal with not having her as a best friend any more but when we try and reconnect it just feels forced – so unlike the last 11 years. Some times people aren’t supposed to stay in your life forever and that’s just the way it is 😦

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    • I know the feeling of “forced” and it is quite sad when you think about all the prior years and how things used to be. You mentioned something really important, sometimes people are not meant to be in your life forever, and I agree with you. I simply think that things happen for a reason, but just because this happens doesn’t mean all the memories will be gone all of a sudden.

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