“Call Him Brother.”

​She  was  present  when he  was  brought  back  from  the  hospital.  As  a  toddler,  I’m  sure  she  did not understand  why  her  mom  had  left  her for a  whole  night  in another person’s  house, or why  when she came  to  pick her  up, her mom  was  carrying  a  tiny  baby  with such a  pink-reddish face.  Clueless  of what had  happened, she  was  told to  call  him  brother, and  so she  did  from  that  day  on.

Days,  months, and many years  passed, because that’s all they can really do. Did they  had a  special bond from  the  start?  Maybe, but  this  friendly  bond was dulled, most  of the  time, by  the  constant  fights  and arguments  they  had.  Their  mother  always  cried,  “He is  your brother. She  is  your  sister. Both of you, behave  as  such”. Even  when  both grew  and developed completely different  personalities, their bond as brother and sister remained at heart. From time to time they  reminisce  about all the memories they’ve shared as they laugh, and sometimes even cry, in unison.

 Were  there  sadder times?  Maybe.  As  she  looked at  one  their  pictures  together,  she  remembered  him being  the  only  one  kneeling down with her when it was time for their mother to pass to a better life. He joined her cries and yells as a true teammate. He  has always  been the  one  covering  for her when she’s done  wrong, and even  though he’s  the “little  brother”, he has always  stepped up to  protect  her.

As  for her, she  has tried  her best  to  protect  him. She knows it still may be somewhat  tough on her to  accept exactly  how  he  is. She knows his  virtues, his  defects, and who he  is  as  a  whole, and tries awfully hard to embrace the love she feels for him and be his support.  I know  because  I’ve  seen she  has tried to  set  good example  for him  and be  his  guidance.  She  fails, they  both fail  very  often,  but  I see their struggle  and effort  that  it’s  put  into the  relationship.

Times  have  been  tough, and  situations  have  played  with their minds.  They’ve  tried  to fill  those  times with  smiles  and laughs. Both know  the  day  will  come  when they  part  ways and accept  it,  but  they know  the  other will  try  their hardest  to always  come  to aid  when  in need.  Until  the  day  she  is  no more, she  will  always  call  him  brother and  stay.



  1. Hi Fernanda, found my way here through Belle’s mention of your site on her recent post.
    Haven’t read much of your work but I’ve enjoyed reading this article. I don’t understand the bond between siblings as I don’t have one but it was quite nicely written. Looking forward to reading more of your work! Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Aishwarya! Thank you so much for visiting, I wasn’t aware of that post, but I’ll definitely go check it out. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this. Yes, I understand, the bond between siblings is quite different than a bond of friends although I think it’s the closest one there might be. Thank you!! 😄


  2. i can relate to this post. I have a little bro who was born when I was still young enough to undestand what is happening, where did he come from. When my mom gave birth, everyone just started screaming, “you have a little brother”. he is eight years old right now.

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