My Muse

We’re born, we grow, we stumble, fall, and get up. We move, shake, dance, and jump, but only you’ve made this journey of life bearable.

You’ve clawed your way to my heart, it’s only right to make you my muse every time. I’ve smiled and cried to the seductive waves in your moves. I’ve asked myself many times how love is felt, but never realized that love is all I feel for you. You’re so hypnotic yet at the same time so comforting, I simply admire how precise you are.

I don’t need broken promises or declarations of love from you, all I need is for you to never leave. Keep me accompanied through all my shades even when all the others have given up on me.

Be my beating sound. Be the rhythm to my hips. Be smooth, sweet and tender with me at times, and others exciting and hard enough to make me scream and even cry. Be the meaning in lyrics to my singing, and all remain yours forever.



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