Laura Palmer

She left him sleeping in what had been their bed for years. At around 12:35 a.m. of that Saturday, she closed the door behind her, not before leaving a short note on top of the bedstand saying “Goodbye Cavan. Take care. – L”

That morning when he woke up, he cried, cried his soul out. Uncertain of what was going on, he called hundreds of times to her phone only to speak to her phone’s voicemail everytime. Worried for her safety he called all their close friends and even her mom, none of them had a word about her. Confused about the words in the note, all her clothes gone, the plans they had made days before for the weekend, but most of all, about the plans they had made for their life together. All of the above were now gone along with her.

If the “goodbye” on that note was true, he’d never see her again.Β Although he didn’t want to accept it, he knew if she was determined there that marked the end. Somewhere along the tears and all the pain he felt, he examined where they or he had gone wrong. Nothing was clear except, that Laura had put an end to them and was never coming back.



  1. Such a great read! So sad and touching! I think we all see a little of ourselves in Laura. There are times where we too want to leave but never pluck up the courage.

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