​One night, after saying goodnight to the girl  of his dreams, as he usually did for the past fifteen months, he  found himself unable to sleep. He rolled from one side to the other, fixed his pillow, took off his shirt, but  just something he couldn’t seem to take off his mind, her. 

He  looked at  the  clock, it  was  1:45 a.m., he  went for a  cup of water and sat on the  end of his bed thinking  of that special  girl. To him,  she was the most beautiful woman he had  ever seen, in pictures. She  was sweet, kind, cheeky, fun, and easy  to talk  to and had an enchanting voice. He recalled that after only the first couple of weeks of “just texting”, which meant continuous  messages  back and forth  throughout the  day, he found himself opening  up to her on such level that he never had with anyone  else. 

He thought all of it was perfect. Everything was perfect except for one thing, he still had to meet her in person.

Among all the pleasant conversations they  had held, he recalled how she would sometimes throw  him off whenever he  offered to go visit her. For some reason she  did not seem reluctant to meet him. She would always change the conversation, start an argument, or would give him a cheap excuse. The more he thought of it, the more he asked himself why whenever he suggested that, she would get defensive.

He  tried  hard to answer that  question,  but  came  up with nothing.  Although  the  thought  of her possibly having a  real  life  relationship  with someone  else  crossed his  mind  for a  second, he  just  could not conceive  the  idea  of this.  They  had  shared  so much  and confessed their love for each  other that he blindly believed she was his and he  was  hers. 

Although he tried to stop thinking about these  wild and  quite bizarre ideas, he found himself over  thinking why,  after all  this  time,  she  had never  agreed to  video call  with  him.  The  more  he  thought about it, the more that idea of his “dream  girl” seemed to get demolished by all the uncertainty surrounding their relationship. 

Was he only a game to her? Was she hiding  something  from  him?  Was she completely  head over heels for her? Why didn’t she  wanted to video  call  him  and why didn’t she  wanted to meet him in person?

His  eyes  became  watery  and  his  face  felt  warm. So much  was  going through his  head  at  that  moment he  felt  his head would explode.  All  of a  sudden, the  screen on his  phone lit up the room. His dream girl had just  sent him a message, “I love you, goodnight”.  He smiled at the screen, and decided to believe his mind was playing a trick on him, it  was time for him to try and sleep. As he wiped off his tears, the doubts he had created in his head, soon vanished in the  air.  Already laying  down, he took a second look at his phone, smiled again and closed his eyes. He had chosen to believe her words.



    • Exactly! The internet is one of the best inventions in history and has been able to improve our lives, but there are downsides to it. Almost everyone is in it and we just don’t know who we can come into contact with. Not all online relationships are exactly like this, I have experience on the topic ☺, but there is a possible risk for all those who connect with random people online of being catfished.

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