To Be Away From You

A recurring thought comes to me every night before I sleep. It teases me with the image of a goodnight kiss from your lips to mine. The sweetness of the image slowly fades away when I realize where each of us will be laying tonight.

“I kind of enjoy not being close to you”, said maybe – no one – ever. Because you’ve become one of my loved ones, it is that it hurts to be away. Being away from you makes me feel impotent as I imagine all those things we’re not able to experience together just yet. I feel but I can’t touch. There’s your smile, and while a part of my heart is in agony, the other part smiles right back at you.

Time was never my friend, and don’t know if that will ever change. That is why I’ve vowed myself to cherish every single moment of our wild yet lovely situation.

I’ll hold on to you close in hopes that one day those recurring thoughts become a reality. One day that goodnight kiss may turn into a morning full of bliss. Tonight, you will be laying apart from me but will sit close in my heart.



  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I am in a long distance relationship and could relate to a lot of what you said in this piece. I also found myself becoming quite emotional when reading it. Amazing writing.

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