Mr. Gullible 

He had always lived in a bubble. There was no needle that could burst it, and no person that could remove the blindfold. In his eyes, the world was “cool” and fun, where no one did any harm. He read and heard only what his heart wanted to believe.

Since the first time he encountered her, he was convinced about her authenticity. Disturbingly wrong. Since day one, she seemed to have a certain power over him. 

For the following months, she continuously teased his will, and played “catch” with whatever was left of his sanity. She fooled him once, she fooled him twice, and fooled him many times. As she created this imaginary life, he was fed daily with all her lies: a family, a friend, a job, a vow, a feeling, and her issues. Easy to guess, he believed it all!

The pact they held got broken by all the obvious lies that to this day he may still believe to be all true. Determined, she one day found herself mutilating and ultimately killing off the life she had built for showcase and forever disappeared. Her motives are still unclear, even long after she vanished from his life. She left, yes, but not before messing him up bad.

Even though others tried to wake him from this trancd, he declined help and remained lost. “Poor guy”, he went through his gloomiest times when she was around.



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