​Citizen of Another Country

Citizen of another country,
we stand on two completely different ends
and this ocean seems to not be our friend.

The days have always been twisted,
as your moon is high up,
the morning sun peeks through my window,
it still is unbelievable we lay under the same sky.

Citizen of another country,
tell me what it is that drew us together
because it all seems pleasantly surreal.

Although I am dreadfully aware
that we would possibly have to walk
until the end of time to finally touch,
let’s agree to meet halfway.

Tonight the clock ticks,
it announces it’s late on my end,
and tomorrow has already come for you.

So tonight, purely with your soul,
trespass those barriers and unfriendly frontiers,
hug me with your words,
and make my heart feel cozy with your voice.

*This is the first poem I’ve ever exposed here on my blog. I crafted it for my creative writing class, and it is maybe one of my first ever attempts to try to write a poem. 




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