Let’s Talk & Connect! 

Hello everyone, 

I am aware that I rarely talk to each and every one of you in my blog because my blog is mostly about my writings, views, ldr, among other stuff. The majority of the time I do get to talk to you guys and you all get to know a little more about me, is through comments.

That is why I’ve taken this chance to talk to you all!

For the last weeks I’ve contemplated the idea of adding a couple of categories and more diverse content to my blog. I have to be honest, I am a little anxious to do this because I feel I’ve adapted to a certain theme and don’t know how well it will contrast it. Then again, I’ve always encouraged everyone to use their blog as an outlet and expose the content they please and write about whatever makes them happy even if the ideas they have don’t fit together. Luckily, everyone here has always been extremely supportive of what I’ve written. I just have to say: YOU ARE AWESOME!! 

Also, if you’d like to connect with me through my social media accounts you can click on the following links. If you’d prefer, you can leave your links/usernames on the comment section so that I can go ahead and follow you.


Thank You for your time and all the support! 💕



    • Thank you so much, Damola! Really happy to read your feedback. I have been preparing cobtent that is quite different than what I’ve been doing the past almost 5 months and although I am nervous, I’m also a bit excited about it. 🙂

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    • I completely agree with you! I think comments help us engage with readers at a more personal level than just he intellectual level from reading a post/article. Thank you for the follow and for reading, I believe I followed you back a while ago as well! 😄

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