Guest Post: Distant Mr. Right,The Love that Never Became

*Hello! Here to present the 2nd guest post by no one else than the always kind, Karyn Dimpho … Enjoy!:

She had her love, although he was only in her mind. He sat just behind her, buried in literature books whenever there was no teacher. It was the early days of their high school years, and she, herself, loved reading too.

She would look at him sometimes and it took a whole lot of planned technique to do that. She kept away from boys including him, she was told they were trouble. Many girls became pregnant immediately after coming to high school, she didn’t want to be the same. Many months went by and her love for him deepened. She always became jealous when she saw him talking to other girls, they were always smiling and she knew they wanted him. He was handsome and she was just a drab and boring girl, unlike those hot girls he would often talk to.

When she saw he wasn’t noticing her, she decided it was time for her to move on because it was very clear he was not interested. She was not popular with the guys, she wasn’t hot enough. Just when she was doing well in getting over him, he showed up.

One day, she was just walking home by herself, as she always did, and suddenly he showed up. He never used that road to go home, it was too long for him. “I just wanted to walk you home”, he said with a smile and looking straight into her eyes. Yeah, he greeted her and asked her out after a long chat as he walked with her. He really was a good guy, not trouble like the others.

Many girls wanted him, she was not surprised, he is good looking. She told him she needed to think, instead of yelling at her or trying to twist her hand so she could just say yes to his request, he just smiled and said, “take your time and always know that the fool who walked you home today is head over heels in love with you. And I just wanted to walk you home”.

She was tongue tied, she wanted to say yes, but it could not come out and so she just looked at him. He kissed her on the cheek and gave her a hug. He walked with her a bit further and when she was closer to home, he kissed her cheek again and he walked away. She didn’t want him to go, but he was going. She went home, did her chores, and then sat at the mirror. She pinched herself for letting him walk away.

The following day he didn’t show up to school, neither the following days, that it all amounted to a month. She overheard some girls talking about him and got close to hear, “His dad was beating them up. He always fought for his mom, unfortunately this time his dad hit him so much, his mother saw death approaching and so she took him with her. My mom told me he is recovering well at the hospital but he is not coming back”.

She is thirty years now, single, running her multimedia company and there is still no man that can match him. She still misses him.


(So that is the end of this guest post. I’d like to thank and invite you to visit Karyn Dimpho’s blog. Her blog is full of varied content that I’m positive it will be of your liking and enjoyment.)

Thank you!



    • Oh yes, that is very painful. I like to be optimistic and think that things happen for a reason. Maybe the possibility of something good went away, but I feel that sooner than later, something better will come around it will all be worth it. Thank you for reading, I loved this guest post by @karyndimpho 🙂

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