La Llorona: the weeping woman

Her story has been passed down through generations and has been retold countless times. Parents have recurred to her story, over and over, hoping to create fear in their children. Even stories, t.v. shows, and movies have adapted the story and scripted it for the contemporary audience.

Her wails and apparitions during night time became more than an urban legend. The atrocious act she once committed has become part of the culture and continues to bring fear to the believers. The skeptics defy the authenticity of her story, but those wails don’t seem to lie.

It is said that she deliberately drowned her two children. Yet, when aware of what she had committed she tried to fix her wrong, but it was too late. After her death, she was condemned to eternally wander through the streets of small towns, cities, and its banks in search for the remains of her children.

Her soul will continue to roam through the streets at night looking for her dead children. Her cries will continue being heard by believers and nonbelievers. Her wails will continue to bring fear and give goosebumps to those who hear her. And even though slightly different versions of the tale exist, her story will continue to be told and it is unknown if that soul will one day rest.



    • Hello! Thank you for reading. I have to agree with you, this urban legend is also my favorite and quite frankly, I believe I to be the scariest and most lasting urban legend in Mexican folklore. I grew up listening to neighbors and family members saying that they had seen or heard her wailing at night and roaming in the streets, which made me fear and respect the legend up to this day.

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