Never Go to the Forest

“Never go to the forest, alone,” that’s what my mom used to tell me everytime the school would take us camping during summer. She always warned me about the million things that could go wrong.

My mom has always been terrified about the woods and forest since a bunch high school students from the town “mysteriously” disappeared 14 years ago. Apparently their bodies were never found. People have even said that cannibals live deep in the forest. But who can prove that it all is not a scam to give a bad reputation to the place, right?

I really think I would’ve encountered something by this time. People are just nuts! I’ve come here all my life and never have I ever seen anything. Every time I have a little spare time, I try coming down here and explore the place a little more. Nature really is fascinating!

I just wish I would’ve listened to everything my mom told me. I believe she said something like, “always take your phone and save the battery.” I promise I did, ma, but the signal sucks here…and the battery is at 14% and keeps decreasing.

“Always take water, comfortable shoes, and maybe even a jacket.” Check, check, and, check!

“Somehow, try to mark a trail so that you know the way back.” I promise I did. I marked the first half, but then I spotted this small deer, the smallest I’ve ever seen, and I followed it for some time without marking the trail. The fourth thing she always said, I believe, was, “always come home before the sunset.” Ma, I promise I’ve been going back and forth trying to find a way out but I’m not able to.

10% of battery. I know I’m stubborn and don’t like to admit when I screw up, but this time I did…really bad. I tried to get Liz to come with me, but she had a family thing she couldn’t get herself out of. I’ve been trying to call and message Liz, but nothing will go through. So far I think I’ve hold on well, but it looks like if I don’t find my way in the next 10 minutes, I’ll have to settle near a tree soon.

Also, I think I’m not alone, mom. Good news, right? For the last hour or so, I’ve been hearing sticks and branches break and being stepped on, at some distance. I’ve turned around several times, but the fog is starting to build up and I really can’t see shit. Maybe a camper got lost as well. I just hope that he/she is equipped for the night.

7% of battery. Maybe I should just turn off my phone and rest on this tree. If the camper comes near, I’ll hear and I’ll ask for help. It’s getting really dark and I’ll need more than a jacket to survive the cold night. I need to get myself out of this place tomorrow, as soon as possible, I have lunch with Dany and the guys to plan out our trip to California.



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