Let’s Talk About FutureLearn

What is FutureLearn? For those who may not know what FutureLearn is, it is simply a website that offers free online courses and programs. The best part, besides being free, is that it is open to anyone who is interested.

Courses vary in length. For each week, the concepts you learn are through course materials that are provided to you by your instructor, such as articles, quizzes, videos, and audios, along with class discussions with your classmates, and putting the knowledge you’ve acquired into practice. Although, to some, the previous sentence may sound like a tedious work, it is all quite doable within the range of a week or maybe even a couple of days less, depending on an individual’s pace.

The variation of courses is quite vast. The courses they offer are divided into thirteen different categories, from creative arts & media to law, history, and even science, math and technology! Something quite interesting is that these courses are part of some prestigious universities and/or organizations.

Currently, I’m enrolled in a “Start Writing Fiction”, course that lasts 8 weeks and have to say that I was thrilled to start class since the day I first enrolled. I believe that was back in July. I acutally became aware of the existence of FutureLearn through a post I read here on WordPress. It seemed promising so I decided to check it out for myself.

Since this has been my experience of only 3 weeks into the course, once I finish it, I may be able to give you more of what to expect of FutureLearn.

If you’re interested, I encourage you to check out the website. Doesn’t hurt to try it out!



  1. Do you know if they give you some type of certificate or degree after you finish certain courses with them? I’ll be checking this website out though it sounds interesting.

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