“Trick or Treat!”

The small town of Remington Hills had been dreading for this time of the year to come. The year before, the town was marked with a horrendous event that would stay forever with all of them.

At an attempt to kill as many tricker treaters as possible, an individual whose identity to this day was still undiscovered, managed to poison all the trick or treaters who had taken candy from his/her house. Over 9 toddlers, children, and teenagers were taken to the hospital with acute intoxication. Several other children suffered nausea, others had small headaches and/or fever. Overall, many were affected, and the trust among the people was broken.

The case was still open. The police managed to go from house to house questioning those that had given out candy, but everyone was awfully clean. Fingerprints were not present, it all seemed extremely planned.

With a potential killer out on the loose, the town planned to skip the holiday itself. Candies would not be passed out, decorations would not be placed, and no one in a costume would be spotted. The crave for a night to go crazy would have to be silenced. No trick or treater would be safe this Halloween in Remington Hills, which is why the phrase “trick or treat” would not be heard this year.

Inspired by true events.



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