A Glass of Warm Milk

He turned off the lights at 11, like every night. Heading to bed after watching the news was a routine he had developed years ago.

He really thought he’d be able to sleep that night, just like any other night. The news at 10 was something he had missed to watch. Instead, he held an hour and fifteen minute fight with his fiancee through the phone. He recalled the last words she said before hanging up on him, “maybe we’re just not supposed to get married…I think we should take some time off to carefully consider what marriage implies. That and us, specially us.”

He wrestled his weight on the bed, he turned left then right, but nothing worked. He tried to face the ceiling and any other possible direction for more than half an hour.

He knew he loved her and wanted to marry her. Even though he wanted to give her the time she asked, deep down he felt if he agreed to her demand, she’d never come back.

The next morning, his eyes were swollen and felt heavy. After hours of overthinking, crying, and a few hours of sleep, he decided to give her the time and space she needed.

Even though in the day he seemed to function well at work, run errands, and continue with his everyday life, by night, the doubts and fears would all rush and slap him in the face. Feeling hopeless, he grabbed the phone and called the only person that he felt would listen to all his woes.

After a lengthy call, he felt somewhat better. His mom was the only one he felt he could run to.

Already inside the sheets, he remembered the last thing his mom told him, “when you were little and had nightmares or couldn’t sleep, I would head to the kitchen and get a glass of milk, most of the time I’d warm the milk. It always did the trick.”

He smiled and thought that even though it was childish, it didn’t hurt to give it a try. This wouldn’t fix his relationship or take away the uncertainty and worries, but he would at least get a decent sleep.

*This is a little story I crafted a few weeks ago as an assignment for the course I am taking in FutureLearn.



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