Good Riddance and Hello!

Hello, and welcome back! This is more of a welcome back to me, really, as some of you might know, I was away from any activity on my blog and very mildly active on my social media.

As my fingers type with not much guidance of what to type next, I realize I hadn’t touched this keyboard in weeks nor written anything since my last blog post A Glass of Warm Milk on November 8th. My absence has not what I truly expected. It has been more of a roller coaster of emotions, which leaves me wondering: is anything ever really exactly what we expect? You tell me.

To bare almost all of it with you, emotional meltdowns, highs and lows, uncertainty, anxiety, changes, fondness and happiness were part of a quite odd last year. Good Riddance!

For those who’ve stumbled across this blog and stayed, thank you immensely for your support and patience. For those who have left, I wish you the best. And for those who will come, I hope you like it here and stay. Although I have no clue of what this new year will bring for my loved ones, you, and me, I genuinely pray it’s of positive and productive things.

I pondered many times on when it would be the best time for me to press that publish button and join all of you. It turns out, it never seems to be the best time, which is why I’ve decided to do so right now.

There is a lot for me to catch up on, and I’ll be doing so in the following hours and most probable throughout the next few days. I believe this resumes my lengthy absence away from writing and blogging, and I’m thrilled to be back!



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