Why do I Write? Why do You Write?

Wile away from writing, I confess to have binge watched the last 3 seasons of Sex and the City. As episode after episode played, a sole question came up to me every time Carrie Bradshaw, SJP’s character, was shown typing an article for her column in pretty much every single episode. For some reason, I’ve always liked to see some similarities between Carrie and me. The more I started to think about these similarities, the more a question in particular arose. As much as I like puzzles, quizzes, or basically anything that leaves me productively thinking, this question made my head spin. I continuously wondered about my answer as episode after episode was playing.

Oh yeah, the question was: why do I write?

As simple as my answer could be: because I enjoy it and it helps me, it simply did not seem fulfilling. Was my answer a correct one? Few moments after, I started over thinking this whole topic, which led me to ask myself, am I really am made for writing?

At the moment it seemed hypocritical of me answering since my keyboard was probably buried in ounces of dust from not being touched for weeks. But now that I am typing my thoughts away, I realized it is much more than just an enjoyment of mine or therapeutic. It’s much deeper than a hobby.

I love the thrill of typing an idea, a viewpoint on an issue, a fictional story I’ve fabricated in my head, the information I have gathered, or simply random thoughts. I am a creator. I would not be able to function properly  if I was restrained from doing what I love to do, write. I aspire to write, just write, and make a career from it. I want to grow, let my words and work reach audiences that may seem unrealistic,that’s why I write. I want to leave people thinking and creating an opinion about what I am writing about. I desire to create vivid human beings and situations in their heads and enjoy what I create. Even though I want to cater to readers, I also want to fall for what I write.

Am I made for writing? Here is where many individuals who read my work will create that opinion for themselves. As for me, I undoubtedly believe I am made for writing. That my writing needs polishing? Sure. That I have a lot to learn and grasp from? Yes. Does that make me less “apt” to writing? I strongly believe it does not.

That is the reason of why I write. Why do you write?



    • I don’t think that a person’s reason for writing can be wrong nor how “good” the writer is. We all have different opinions on what we consider “good”. I am pleased to know that you are encouraged to continue doing so because it helps you as an outlet for self-expression, that’s all that should matter.
      Thank you for reading, sharing and being kind, Damola.


  1. Nice…I write because it makes me feel alive..when I was growing up I was a very reserved person..didn’t talk too much.. never mingled a lot…but I was a good reader of what I saw…

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