Our Small LDR Bucket-list (50+ Ideas)

  • Go to the aquarium
  • Go shopping to the malls/outlets
  • Go to the movies
  • Go have a walk through the trails 
  • Go on a hike together
  • Visit regional parks


  • Travel to places on the city’s public transportation
  • Travel to another state/s
  • Go to Old Town
  • Go to the city’s port
  • Have fun at an indoor attraction
    ex: indoor kart racing, trampoline place, laser tag
  • Go to the gym together/workout
  • Go to downtown
  • Go watch a sports event
  • Go to the fair
  • Go to the beach
  • Have our first date
  • Have our first kiss
  • Have a lunch date
  • Try out a trademark dish of the region
  • Try foods of different countries
  • Introduce friends and/or family members
  • Cook together
  • Cook for each other
  • Teach him to cook a few Mexican dishes
  • Teach him more Spanish words
  • Bake a cake or cookies together
  • Go to watch a sports game at a bar/pub
  • Play video games
  • Watch television
  • Play board games
  • Sing out loud
  • Try out some of the challenges that are on the internet
  • Do each other a makeover
  • Try out face masks
  • Go to the karaoke
  • Visit a theme park
  • Buy all the junk food we can think of and “pig out”
  • Order take-out
  • Spend a whole night talking
  • Spend a night listening to music
  • Spend a night watching movies/or series
  • Go to the museum
  • Go to a concert together
  • Go camping


  • Take numerous pictures together
  • Record some of our moments together
  • Build a scrapbook of our time together
  • Write each other letters for when we are away
  • Plan out part of the future together
  • Smile and laugh
  • Cherish the moments together

    Those are the things we have planned out for when we are finally together. What are some of the things you and your significant other have on your bucket list?



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