Inspirational Quotes

What are they and why are we so drawn to them? Famous  people  such as  Paulo Coelho,  Martin Luther King Jr., Dr.  Seuss, and even  Albert  Einstein left  us  their  legacy  of words  in  hopes  to  inspire  change  for the  better, on a  grand scale  as  well  as  on a  personal  level.  The  thousands  of inspirational  quotes  are  meant  for that, to inspire  those  who feel  connected to  the  words  expressed in them  and to  lift  the  perspective  some  people may  have  of themselves  and their surroundings, leaving  some  wishing and dreaming  for better  times.

Truth is, inspirational  quotes  are  nothing but  words  fixed  in a  fancy  way  to make  a  sentence, making us realize  that  wishing and  dreaming,  alone,  will  not  always  get  us  somewhere. Instead, these “placed  in the  right place”  words  leave  it  up to  us  to  make  them  come  to life, giving them  true  power and  meaning.

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Do something instead of killing time. Because time is killing you.

Each of these  quotes and more, as the list is very extensive, are  bright  beautiful,  but  they  hold  no true  meaning  if those  who feel connected to these  or other  quotes  don’t  make  justice  for them.

We  can  fantasize  with  what  we  think the meaning  of these  words  is, yet  reality  shows  us  a  different  side.  What  it  shows  us  is  that  we  cannot hang by  the  strings  of our dreams, hopes  and wishes, forever,  that  we  have  to go out  to the  world.

We have  to  take  chances, look up if  we  fall,  stand up and keep  going.  We  cannot  hold to our past misfortunes, we  have  to fight,  we  have  to,  as  Martin Luther  King Jr. once  said,  “…keep  moving forward”. For as  small  as  the  steps  we  take  may  seem,  each  one  will  help us  get  where  we  want  to reach. Exposing ourselves  to the  world, being  part  of  something, taking (even  small)  chances,  will be  giving them  the  real  power  these  words  are  meant to evoke.

What are some of your favorite quotes and why?



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