Let’s Talk Aliexpress (My Experience)

For the past 5 months I have found myself becoming a hardcore consumer of AliExpress. My buying online experience started with amazon which then shifted to ebay, with which I was very happy with, but then I discovered Aliexpress. To be exact, my brother introduced me to it as he wanted to order some makeup utensils through me.

After ordering a few lipsticks, my brother warned me about the bad reputation the site had and my enthusiasm about my new purchases was shattered. Like any other person worried about a certain product, I turned to YouTube for reviews and experience videos with the site.

The Time Period:

The time period, I’m not going to lie, is very lengthy. Of course, some sellers are quicker than others, which in my experience has been rare. The shortest time I’ve received products in has been 2 weeks, which was surprising because it was during holiday season. Yet, on average, the time I usually wait for products to arrive is approximately 1 month to 6 weeks. Something to keep in mind is your location as this could make shipping and delivering time vary.

The Quality:

To my surprise, there were divided opinions, mostly neutral. Some youtubers claimed the quality of the products, in this case lipsticks, was decent considering the amount of money they had paid. Others did claim to have received lipsticks containing glue and/or other chemicals that caused them allergy.

Also, from what I could gather, the bad reputation they have earned is mostly with hair extensions, wigs, and clothes.

Of course, knowing this simply made me feel more uncertain of what to really expect.


To be honest, Aliexpress has a reputation for scamming customers. It varies from misguiding costumers with images of the product and then receiving something that looks like a very cheap version of the product they paid for to receiving the product damaged or sometimes not receiving anything at all. With hair extensions the issue is that people have received very bad quality hair extensions and sometimes even dirty.

Something that did happen to me was that I did not receive a product after almost 2 months, so I filled a dispute to get a full refund. Yet, hours after I filled my dispute I  received a message from the seller asking me to retrieve my dispute resorting to emotional tactics and excuses to which I did not reply to. It may sound “mean” from my part but I had seen several videos of youtubers that for some reason or another, said to have replied to a seller’s message to sort things out about a dispute or bad review of a product and after both parties came to an agreement, the seller would not follow up with their word and ignore future messages from the costumer.

My purchases:

My purchases have mostly been lipsticks, but I have bought a few clothing items and makeup products, all adding up to 32 purchases on AliExpress. A few of my purchases are still on their way, but from what I’ve received throughout these 5+ months, I have to say I’ve been pleased with my purchases. I am aware that the formula of, in this case, the lipsticks I have bought may not compare to the original formula and/or pigment. When I say pleased I do not mean completely in love with, but content with the product I received for the money I paid for.

Last Thoughts:

My experience has been so far so good. Whenever I’m browsing for a product I read extensively through the reviews, see photos of what previous costumers have received. I also check the overall rating of the product, how many times it has been ordered, and browse through their 1 star reviews and 5 star reviews. After having a clearer idea of what to expect I make a decision from the information I have gathered about the product.


These are only a few of my orders from Aliexpress.



Is this your first time hearing about AliExpress or have you heard about it but have not bought anything from the website? If you have bought from AliExpress before, what has been your experience with this website? Do share your thoughts on the comment section below.



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