What is Right in Today’s World?

In the world we live in today, it is easy to drown in the bad situations and problems that happen every single day. If you have ever felt that way, don’t worry, you’re not alone. As I mentioned before (Wild World), conflicts and social issues will most likely always make headlines. I agree, we must be informed with what happens at a local, national, and international level and how  this can potentially affect us, but I believe that we should also take a moment to realize there are good and amazing things in this world.


Although there are some counterarguments to this, specially with current events, truth is, people are coming together. We live in a multicultural society and have come a long way out of hate and discrimination. Yes, we still have a long way to go, but the road towards it has slowly been paved. We’ve learned to be a little more accepting of the unknown and I am optimistic that we will continue to improve our state of mind.

Standing Up for What You Believe In:

People are realizing that they have a voice in matters, and that voice can be heard and should be heard. Standing up for what someone believes in and defying what is being mandated, to prevent from tyranny to occur, is occurring. People are waking up and fighting to break out from the way things have always been or are slowly heading towards. Just alone in the U.S., unfortunately country is being divided by ideologies, but people are also coming together and protesting for what they believe is right guided by acceptance and freedom.


Technology has made great advancements throughout the last decades to improve the quality of life. Whether this is in education, transportation, communication, scientifically, or medical, there is so much to applaud and be grateful for. I don’t know if you stop to think about it once in a while, I don’t do so often but when I do I feel thankful for what I am fortunate to have.


Yes, people. Just as there are bad people everywhere, there are kind souls everywhere as well. With the hard times we live in, it pays gold to know people who are kind, and humble. I admit, it may be hard to find a way to trust others in this day and age, but if at some point, you are able to find good and genuine human beings, hold on to them.


Music can sometimes make a situation bearable. It may not have the power to solve problems, but it has the power to aid and brighten a person’s day. As music has evolved, both positive and negative such as by oversexualizing or objectifying women, the ultimate beauty of music is that there are an immense river of songs and lyrics that do not follow that road. Personally, I cannot stress how many times a song has helped me soothe the way I feel.

 What do you think about this short list? Do you agree with it, do you disagree? You might have other elements I did not mention. Share your thoughts on the comment section.



  1. Music is the best thing indeed! No matter what the situation there’s always a song reflect how you feel about it..many a times when I need to face my own emotion that I may have locked and put away, I turn to songs…

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    • I completely agree, music is just on another level as a companion that aids and knows what to express and when to express it at the right time. I think it’s a good way to turn to, they may tell beautiful stories that otherwise may have been choked if bot written.

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  2. Felt good that at least someone’s reminding us of the things that how far we’ve travelled and there’s still a lot to travel, lot to explore, lot to love, lot to accept humanity. Thank you Fernanda.

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    • Thank you for commenting, Rajat. It’s true, we sometimes don’t realize this as there is so much happening in our world that varies and we forget about the good things that exist. And yes, although we’ve improved in many ways, there is still a lot of work and improvement that needs to be done.

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