Guest Post: I Finally Met Her (My Experience)

Hey everyone it’s Grant again, Fernanda doesn’t know that I’m writing this for her but I have thought this would be a wonderful surprise for her. As you can see in my previous post: (Guest Post: Grant’s LDR Adventure) I’m not the greatest of writers, unlike Fernanda, but I will try my best.

Let me start at the start, the day of the booking of the trip. We were on the phone together when it was finally booked, it didn’t feel real still, it all seemed like a dream. The one thing we both wanted so much was finally happening but we weren’t going crazy with excitement, we both kept a level head. Fernanda didn’t want us to go over the top just in case something happened. Deep inside I was so happy it was finally going to happen. We tried to keep a lid on the excitement levels for the next weeks and we did really well.

Now the day of travelling, some of you may know that Australia and USA are quite a distance apart and the time zones and days are also a long way apart. Therefore, I would be travelling 14 hours to visit the girl my dreams.

My day stated early I tried to sleep as little as possible so I could sleep on the plane. I don’t think it was me, it was more my excitement keeping me up. This was my first solo trip which was also making me very nervous. I arrive at the airport a whole 3 hours early, I didn’t want anything to go wrong. I kept texting Fernanda about every little thing such as checking in, dropping my bags off, and going through customs. I made it my gate only to find out my flight would be delayed. I did start to panic as I knew I wouldn’t be able to make my connecting flight. Fernanda however, was a lot more calm well, it seemed that way and she settled me down.

A few hours later, I was finally able to board the airplane and believe I got lucky as there was no one sitting in my row. I got to spread out in the flight and the first 5 hours went by flying fast. However, for the rest of the first flight I was not able to conceive sleep at all so I watched a few movies and tried my best to sleep.


When I finally landed in Los Angeles, USA, I connected my phone to the Wi-Fi on the airport as soon as possible to let her know I was close. I was told on the flight that they had changed my second flight (to San Diego) which was good. The only problem was that I would have to wait another 3 hours. I then waited for hours, talking to Fernanda on the phone but having to reconnect my phone to Wi-Fi every 30 minutes. Eventually, it was time to board my flight, which was my most nervous moment so far. I thought to myself “it is actually going to happen!

Once I had landed in San Diego the nerves were building! One I was inside the airport, I found myself walking and texting her. I kept looking everywhere for her until I realised she couldn’t go into the area I was in. I then messaged her where I thought it was best to meet at the baggage claim area. As soon as I headed towards the baggage carousel I saw her brother and then I saw my girl, the one I wanted to hold and finally be with. My heart had never beat that fast before. We didn’t do the classic romantic run into each other’s arms but we had the best embrace of my life.


She could feel my whole body shaking from nerves and excitement. I wouldn’t of wanted it any other way, that was our special moment, I will never forget that moment. After a couple of minutes, the nerves were gone and it felt like we had spent our whole life together. I never ever thought it would be that quick. All those long phone calls and wonderful messages we had sent had led up to this moment and it made it so natural. It just confirmed that Fernanda was and is the girl of my dreams.

If I’m allowed to do another post I will talk about the whole trip and my side of the story. Also, don’t forget to check out the video Fernanda and I made of our 18-day holiday together LDR COUPLE: He Travelled 7,945 miles to Visit Me! (AUS to USA).



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