No One Prepares You for Cancer

Leukemia awareness month here in the U.S. was last September, world cancer day is on February 4th and with that I feel it’s the first time ever that those dates have become more valuable and important than I could’ve ever possibly imagine. The title is more than just right, no one ever prepares themselves or prepares you for cancer, any form of cancer, really. Sure, some might eat foods that can help prevent a form of cancer, and that might be helpful as it can boost defenses, but sometimes, in the end, cancer is a disease that creeps in to someone’s life unexpectedly and that is just a fact.

Whether you have gone or are going through it or have a family member with cancer you might know that it takes a lot of will, support, love, determination and strength (not just physically, but emotionally and mentally) from everyone involved. In my case, fortunately, I am not the one that was diagnosed with it, but someone extremely close to me. Since the diagnosis, although I can only express perfectly how I’ve felt, I know that everyone that has been there to show support and their love, might have similar feelings.

For me, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts. Everything was very new and emotional, from finding the best ways to accommodate her and make her feel loved regardless of the radical changes that overwhelmed her.

I cannot know for certain how my loved one has felt since the day she was diagnosed, but I can only speculate from the hours and months I’ve been by her side. As I mentioned before, going through it all, weeks and weeks in the hospital and all that it implies. Being away from home, long hours of chemotherapy and short hours of sleep, the effects of the treatment, on and off days, and the ups and downs of emotional and mental health is deteriorating and tough to see your loved one go through, but tougher for the person with cancer.

I know that, from me, it has required to be persistent, and hard as I try to control my emotions as best as I can when I’m in front of her.

Due to the type of cancer she was diagnosed with, the treatment will be ongoing throughout the course of two years. There are some good and off days. Some where she feels okay and even strong and others where she hits rock bottom. I must also mention, every single one of the staff at the hospital has been caring and for that I am grateful.

Being in such situation does put into perspective just how much you can care and love someone. It is also sad to learn that sometimes, when things like this happen, that’s when you realize how vital that person is in your life and appreciate all the things that person has done for you and everything you have been through together. It has surely taken a toll on me emotionally and mentally as it never crossed my mind this would happen to her or anyone close to me, as the title says, no one really prepares you for cancer.

As she is soon heading for her fourth cycle in the treatment, I am aware that there’s still a long way to go but, I tell myself to take it all as it comes. Although I sometimes find myself looking for mental strength that I think it’s just not there, to be able to do the best that I can, I pray that I can find that strength for my loved one and me.

Have you ever been in this or a similar situation? If you have suggestions based on your experience, share them with me on the comment section below or contact me via email or social media.




  1. No, no one is ever prepared but you should be proud of your inner strength to support and nurture your loved one. Just as I am proud of you. ❤️❤️


  2. Please check out my latest post ‘why I cut my hair’ to support children fighting from cancer and how we can bring smile on their face. I’m starting this hair donation revolution in my country. Please spread it as much as possible to the world.


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