Time to Say Goodbye

This is the 3rd post of a little LDR series about the 18 days my boyfriend spent in the U.S. with me. If you’d like to read the previous post click here

As each day passed by, Grant and I grew closer and closer, which we didn’t think it was possible. In my head, even though I knew it was bound to happen one day sooner rather than later, I simply shut down the fact that the day would come when we would head to the airport and say “goodbye” or rather a “see you soon”. On the last weekend we spent together, after a low moment in the day, it finally hit me that there was no time to waste on meaningless arguments, that we had to experience each day to the fullest because our time together was running out.

From that weekend on, the clock finally started ticking for me. Each day, even when we didn’t have anything huge planned was gold to me because I was with him. For each low moment  we had, we tried to mend things and appreciate each moment and day.

The Night Before

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After having a calm day with family members, when night hit, and I met him at the place he was staying and little did I know, he had a box of cupcakes waiting for me. Little did he know, I had some wall art waiting for him as well as a last little gift. After exchanging gifts we decided to go to dinner one last time.

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After dinner, the rest of the night we simply tried to take advantage of each minute and just be our silly selves until late hours of the night since the very next day would be sad and long one. Thankfully, we had “the talk” of what would happen with us after it was time for him to go back home just a few days before this had to happen. “The talk” was just reaffirming what we both want, set goals for our future and a time frame for us to finally close the distance. I say thankfully because I just don’t think the last night together would’ve been the best time to talk about the future as it would have made us more emotional than we already were.

The Last Day

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The next morning, not wanting to get out of bed we found the will to go have breakfast as there was still packing to do before him checking out. With  few hours left, we decided to wander around the city and relax. Neither of us wanted to think about the goodbye just yet.

After  a few hours of being around the city and getting something to eat, we knew that it was time to head to the airport.

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The whole way there felt very gloomy. Leaning on his shoulder as I thought about the time we spent together, the things we were able to experience made it hard to think that just in the matter of minutes our holiday would come to an end. It finally hit us that his flight back home was in minutes.

After he checked in, we just sat close near his gate, in silence. Not really in silence since by that point both of us were bawling our eyes out and some exchanges in conversation here and there. Many things went through my head during those last minutes. Thinking about those moments right now as I write gets me choked up.

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The time came when it was really happening, we had to say goodbye. We stood up, being complete messes and hugged each other tightly for minutes. It felt like I was being stripped away from someone I had known and spent most of my life with. Before letting him go, we kissed and hugged for one last time and slowly watched him head back from where he had come from 18 days before.

Minutes later my best friend, who had come with us for emotional support, and I headed back home. It felt simply odd not having him next to me now. A million things were going through my head, and then it felt more real than ever that the next day we wouldn’t be meeting up somewhere or be together like we had the past weeks, he was gone and in the following hours he would be flying back to Australia. That evening, before his second flight departed we talked on the phone before I went to sleep. Even though we were still very depressed about the situation we managed to talk calmly before wishing him a safe flight and thanking him immensely for everything.

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This is the end of small series “We Finally Met”. I made  video of our 18-day experience as well LDR COUPLE: He Travelled 7,945 miles to Visit Me! (AUS to USA). Hope you enjoyed be reading about it as much as I enjoyed sharing this amazing experience with you. Do share your thoughts on long distance relationships, the series, and your own experiences in the comment section.



    • Hello 🙂
      I have to admit it was a tough and sad moment to go through but would not change any bit from the whole experience and I guess it comes with the whole deal of being in a long distance relationship.


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